Jelani Girls, young women ages 14-18, are given the tools for greatness. Jelani Girls participate in a Cultural Enrichment Program (CEP) throughout the school year that prepares them for international travel. Each summer, Jelani Girls who successfully complete the CEP will get to participate in our Cultural Immersion Trip to experience firsthand the native customs and traditions they have studied.

We believe that when a Jelani Girl immerses herself in other cultures, she develops global awareness, confidence and humility. These characteristics encourage positive opportunities and combat negative influences. Service is a core value of Jelani Girls because it opens their minds and hearts to the needs of others.  Each of our Cultural Immersion Trips allows participants to learn aspects of the political, economic, and historical landscape of a different culture.


Our annual service project, launched as a solo effort by founder, Ashley Company, has provided inspirational gifts for over thousands of under-served children in North America, South America, West Africa and the Caribbean. View our Gallery for photos!

Jelani Girls build character and share memories as they explore the meaning of true charity and philanthropic effort through service learning in our International Youth Service Project (IYSP).

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At Jelani Girls, interns are vital contributors to the company’s relentless pursuit of advancing girls through cultural enrichment. In Jelani Girls internship program, undergraduate students get a full immersion into the company’s structure and daily practices. Interns interact with top company leaders, tackle complex business challenges, and build relationships and skills that endure far beyond their several months at Jelani Girls. Internship opportunities stretch across the nation, from the Jelani Girls Headquarters in Manhattan, New York, to virtual offices in any other state.

Internships may be available at different points during the year depending on business needs and university standards. Applicants should be eligible for employment in the country within which they apply for an internship. If you’re up for the challenge of finding your greatness with Jelani Girls, email us at


All past and current participants in Jelani Girls who are high school seniors are eligible to apply for Jelani Girls Collegiate Scholarship. Students must intend to participate in a study abroad program during their college career and must be enrolled in an accredited college or university to receive the scholarship award. This scholarship award can also be applied to the single collegiate student that will be selected to participate in Jelani Girls cultural immersion trip each year.

Students can request applications by emailing